Print Patient Forms

If you would like to review and complete forms before your exam, please click on the following links.  Please bring completed, printed forms to your exam.

What should I bring to my exam?


All patients should bring:

  1. List of current prescription medications that you are taking
  2. All recent glasses (includes all glasses that you actively use such as reading, computer, or sports glasses)
  3. Sunglasses

Contact lens patients should bring:

  1. Copy of your previous contact lens prescription or old boxes/labels/vials that show specifications
  2. Wear your contacts to the appointment, unless you are having problems.  Do NOT wear contacts if you are having problems -- instead, bring that pair in your contact lens case.
  3. Note which contact lens solutions & drops you are using.
  4. All recent glasses (includes all glasses that you actively use)
  5. Sunglasses