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- Low Vision Exams

For many, regular eye exams with an optometrist ensure clear vision and optimal eye health. However, for individuals experiencing vision loss beyond what standard glasses or contact lenses can correct, a low vision exam becomes crucial. At Silicon Valley Eyecare Optometry and Contact Lenses in Santa Clara, CA, we provide these exams to learn more about your condition and recommend ways to maximize your eyesight. 

What is Low Vision?

Low vision describes a vision impairment that cannot be fully corrected with standard glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. It impacts daily activities like reading, writing, and recognizing faces. While not considered blindness, low vision can significantly affect quality of life.

Why are Low Vision Exams Important?

Regular eye exams focus on assessing visual acuity and overall eye health. However, low vision exams delve deeper. They evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your vision and how its impact on your daily tasks and goals. This personalized approach allows our eye doctors to recommend solutions beyond traditional glasses or contacts.

What to Expect During a Low Vision Exam

During your low vision exam, our optometrists will discuss your medical history and vision challenges with you. After that, we’ll perform a comprehensive vision assessment. The assessment includes tests that check your visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, depth perception, and visual field. We will also evaluate your current eyewear and check if your eyeglasses or contacts are helping with your low vision. In addition, we can explore low vision aids. Depending on your needs, we might recommend magnification devices, specialized lighting, or electronic visual aids to enhance your vision.

Benefits of Low Vision Exams

Low vision exams provide a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits include the following:

•             Improved independence and quality of life: By maximizing your remaining vision, you can perform daily activities with greater ease and confidence.

•             Enhanced safety: Addressing vision limitations can reduce the risk of falls and accidents.

•             Help you enjoy your hobbies: Low vision aids can help you read, watch TV, and engage in the activities you enjoy.

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