Spectacle Lens Types

In the fast-changing & overwhelmingly large world of spectacle lens technology, rest assured that our opticians and doctors stay abreast with the cutting edge products available. Let us help you find the right lenses to fit with your medical needs and lifestyle.

Spectacle Lens Designs

Spectacles lenses contain the glasses prescription that your doctor writes for you. There are multiple types of lenses, and a lens can be designed to carry multiple types of prescriptions. In addition to the generic lens designs pictured below, there are multiple specialty designs which your optometrist or optician may recommend.

Spectacle Lens Types

Single Vision Lens: a lens that contains only one prescription (distance, near, or computer)

Bifocal Lens: a lens that contains two prescriptions (distance + near or computer + near) separated by a line.

Trifocal Lens: a lens specialized with three regions that correct for near vision, intermediate/middle (arm’s length) vision, and distance/far vision.

Progressive Lens: a lens that gradually changes from distance to near vision. The progressive lens has no line.

Computer Lens: a lens specialized for working on monitors, to maximize field of vision and ergonomics based on your workspace and visual needs.

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