Optomap Retinal Imaging

Our doctors recommend that you have an optomap retinal image taken at each yearly eye exam. This special camera was designed by a father after his 5-year-old son went blind, to aid in earlier detection of ocular problems.

The optomap uses scanning laser technology to quickly view an astounding 200 degrees of the retina. In a matter of seconds, a wide-field view of the retina is captured as compared to traditional methods of viewing the retina which allow only 5-10 degrees at a time. This global view of the retinal tissue allows your doctor to quickly screen for & locate medical issues within the eye. Adding the high technology of an optomap retinal image to your yearly routine exam will ensure that you are having the most comprehensive eye exam.

The optomap is a quick, comfortable test, making it ideal for your child. It takes about 1-2 minutes and has no side effects. You may have the image taken whether or not your pupils are dilated.

The optomap does not replace a dilated fundus examination by your doctor. Your doctor is able to see the full retina as well as have good depth perception during a dilated exam. A dilated exam is recommended on a regular basis which is determined by your doctor based on your specific risks of ocular disease. The optomap and dilated exam work well together to get the best global view of your ocular health.


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